AIZ… late night Music

Instrumental concert program ''AIZ... late night music'' is a heartfelt journey in the broad world of sound. Meditative compositions created by giving into relaxation and letting fingers dance on the piano keys. Clearing the head, not trying to control it and just letting the music be free - that was the aim of Janis Lusens in creation of this composition. As a result a very personal story told by music was created.

The acoustics and the atmosphere of the most beautiful churches of Latvia seem to be specifically created, so that the guests attending ''AIZ... late night music'' concerts would be able to give into music and an utter peace. Each of the concerts is unique, because the instruments in the wide arches of the church will sound very intimate, without any additional enhancement.

The central instrument is the special ''Una Corda'' piano, which was created by an internationally recognizable creator of pianos Davids Klavins and in the whole world there are only ten exemplars of it. The sound palette of the piano is compared to soft whispers in the circle of musicians. Piano solo in the concert program ''AIZ... late night music'' will be accompanied by percussions, flutes, cello, bass guitar and other guitar sounds.

Concert program ''AIZ... late night music'' musicians: Janis Lusens - ''Una Corda'' piano; Harijs Gutmanis and Karina Mazura - metallophones, bells, percussions; Maris Ziemelis - cello ; Evija Mundeciema - flutes, bansuri, monochord, bells ; Janis Lusens Jr. - bass and other guitars.