Jānis Lūsēns born 7th of April 1959 in Liepāja. Graduated Liepājas 1.High school (1975), Emīla Melngaiļa Liepājas High school of Music, Department of Theory (1979) and Music academy of Latvija class of composition of Jānis Ivanovs (1983). Composer’s creative field is wide and includes academic and non-academic musical genres. His works include vocal music, choir music, chamber music, musicals and operas.

Whilst studying he formed an experimental ensemble of instrumental music called Zodiac (1979). Their album Disco Alliance (1980) received global success and was a smash hit selling over 20 million copies all over the world. In 1999 in a new sound, a single Pacific was reborn. New version of Pacific gained interest from EMI companies from Poland and Japan. In the autumn of 2002 a single called ReLoad (Artist: PPK) hit the charts in England and Ireland. ReLoad is based on melody of Zodiac, a song by Jānis Lūsēns. In 2013 the band Zodiac was reborn and ready to thrive, with new members and image. In 2010 Eurovision, Jānis Lūsens’ song “What for”, performed by Aija Andrejeva was heard internationally.

Theatre music holds a special place in the composer’s heart. The composer has written music for all the biggest Latvian theatres. Two operas for children were brought to life in National opera of Latvia. “Leļļu opera” (Puppets’ opera) (2008) and “Putnu opera” (Birds’ opera) (2000), which is still on today. As one of his greatest successes rock opera “Sfinksa” (Sphynx)  must be mentioned, it has been played in National theatre 86 times and rock opera “Kaupēn, mans mīļais” (Kaupen, my dearest), is included in canon of Latvian Culture. He also was a director of Department of Music in Theatre of Liepāja from 1999-2002.

The biggest role in the creative field of Jānis Lūsēns is dedicated to song. Concert cycle “Mazu brīdi pirms…” (A little while before…) has received special attention from the audience. The composer writes solo songs and songs for choir and ensembles. Amidst them there are also vocal symphonic pieces, such as “Cantata LIIV”, “Magnificat”, choir Symphony “Dziļā elpā” (In Deep Breath). Composer’s songs have been repeatedly played in the Latvian Celebration of Song and in the Children’s Celebration of Song. Composer writes for children as well – songs, song cycles, musical theatre performances and charity events.

Composer’s input in Latvian music is greatly appreciated. Lūsēns has received Latvian Prize of Theatre as the best composer in 1996 for theatre play “Santa Krusa”, in 1999 for rock opera “Kaupēn, mans mīļais” (Kaupen, my dearest).
Latvia’s Big Prize of Music for musical plays in 2000 and the offering to musical theatre genre. AKKA/LAA Infinite Copyright prize in 2003 and 2014.
Jānis Lūsēns has been a member of Union of Composers since 1987.


More than 500 songs composed, many of them have been combined in concert cycles. Most of them you can find in the section “Sheets, audio, video”.


Riga Operetta theatre:

  • Runcis zābakos (Puss in Boots) A.Migla and V.Rūmnieks libretto 1988

Liepajas theatre:

Music for theater performances “Princese Gundega un karalis Brusubārda” (1977)“Pērs Gints”(1997), “Santa Krusa”, “Ezermaļu krokodils”

Dailes theatre:

  • “Īkstīte” (Thumbelina) N.Beļskis libretto 2003 – 2005; 57 performances/audience of 55000 people
  • “Ceplis” (Kiln) E. Zirnis libretto 2010 – 2011

Latvian National Theatre:

  • “Indriķa hronika”  (Chronicle of the Indrikis) M.Zālīte libretto 2000 – 2002; 43 performances/audience of 30000 people
  • “Sfinksa”  (Sphynx) M.Zālīte libretto 2001- 2008; 86 performances/audience of 90000 people 
  • “Hotel Kristina” M.Zālīte libretto 2006; 19 performances/audience of 15000 people

Latvian National Opera:

Musical Theatre “Ars Nova”

Producer group 7


  • Portreti (The Portraits) – the cycle for wind instruments quintet 1980
  • Stīgu kvartets (String Quartet) 1981
  • Vīzija (Vision) –  Symphony orchestra
  • Stīgu kvartets “Saulrieti”  (String Quartet “Sunsets”) – dedication Nic Gotham 2013
  • Urbānā fantāzija ar BACH  (The Urban fantasy with BACH) – cycle “Trilogy for Latvian organs” – Liepājas part 2014
  • Neti, neti – the piece is written for the Art-i-Shock trio concert program 2014
  • Romantiskā simfonija (Romantic Symphony) – for Liepaja symphony orchestra  2016-2017
  • Miniatures for different solo instruments accompanied by piano
  • Miniatures for different chamber ensembles


  • Kantāte “LIIV” (Cantata “LIIV”) – soloist (tenor), choir and Symphony orchestra 1995
  • Diatoniskā kantāte (Diatonic Cantata) – mixed choir, violin and organ 1996
  • Līgo dziesmas (Midsummer celebration songs) – choir, keyboards, viola and guitar 1996
  • Kantāte “Zvaigžņu bērns” (Cantata “The Child of the Stars”) – mixed choir, children’s choir and Symphony orchestra 1997
  • Kā maigi dzelošs rožu krūms (Like a Rose Bush that gently stings) – the cycle of songs for soloists, choir and chamber orchestra 1998
  • Magnificat – soloists, male choir and Symphony orchestra 2002
  • Mistērija par Sapni un Mīlestību (Mystery about the Dream and Love) – musical theatrical concert at the Dome Square in 2003
  • Kora simfonija “Dziļā elpā” (choral Symphony “In Deep Breath”) – mixed choir, Symphony orchestra and organ 2003
  • Jubilate Deo – Cantata for boys’ choir (3 parts), percussion and bell chorus 2003
  • Motetes (8) – boys’ choir, percussion and a bell chorus 2003
  • “Neatbildēts zvans” (7) – soloist (boy), multi voiced mixed choir and Symphony orchestra 2005.g.
  • Five songs with B.Martuževa lyrics for concert performance “Rakstītāja” (“The Writer”) – Latvian Radio choir, soloists and instrumental group 2014
  • laudu apdares (4) – mixed choir, alto saxophone and viola 2015
  • Es ticu neteiktajam (I believe in the unsaid) with R.M.Rilke lyrics – organ, alto saxophone and soprano 2015
  • Dziedādami, spēlēdami (Singing, playing) – soloists, children’s choir, brass and percussion instrument group, and piano 2017
  • Kā ābeļdārzs ir brīvība (Like an apple garden is freedom) – musical poem for 6 soloists and mixed choir 2019


  • Disco Alliance – 1980, pub.Melodija
  • Music in Universe – 1982, pub.Melodija
  • In Memoriam – 1989, pub.Melodija
  • Mākoņi (Clouds) – 1991, pub.RiTonis
  • Zodiaks –  Mirušais gadsimts (Zodiac – The Dead Century) – 1995, pub.Mapl
  • Christmas Together [Christmas songs J.Lūsēns arr.] / Chriss Norman – 1997, pub.MicRec
  • Savādā passable (Peculiar world) songs cycle – 1997, pub.MicRec
  • Katrs savu dzīvi dzīvo (Everyone lives their own life) [J.Lūsēns songs for children with sheet of music] – 1997, pub.MicRec
  • Šai svētā naktī (In this Holy Night) [J.Lūsēns songs] – 1997, pub.MicRec
  • Dželsomīno piedzīvojumi Melu zemē, (Gelsomino adventures in the Country of Liars by G.Rodari) musical – 1998, pub.MicRec
  • Saules mājas (House of the Sun) [Tervete cycle for children] – 1998, pub.MicRec
  • Mūzika svētajā naktī (Music on the holy night) [J.Lūsēns and U.Prauliņš arr.] – 1999, pub.Latvia Radio
  • Indriķa hronika (Chronicle of the Indriķis) [songs from the rock opera] – 2000, pub.Platforma Records
  • Zodiac. Disco Alliance (double album) – 2000, pub.MicRec
  • Christmas by the Amber Sea  – 2000, pub.NYLCC 003
  • Kaupēn, mans mīļais, rokopera DVD (Kaupen, my dearest, rockopera DVD) – 2001, pub.Liepāja teather
  • White Melodies [R.Paula songs J.Lūsēns arr. for Symphony orchestra] – 2001, pub.MicRec
  • Violets (Purple)  [J.Lūsēns songs] – 2002, pub.MicRec
  • Īkstīte (Thumbelina) [selection of songs from the musical Thumbelina] – 2003, pub.Baltic Record Group
  • Nāc un piepildi mazo sirdi (Come and fulfill the little heart) [J.Lūsēns un N.Matvejevs songs] – 2003, pub.Baltic Record Group
  • Krāsas (Colours) [J.Lūsēns, I.Kalniņš un A.Gudrais music]  – 2004
  • Rīgas Rotaļas – (Riga Games) I.Zandere lyric, J.Lūsens music [book + CD], Riga:pub.Musica Baltica, 2004
  • Kā maigi dzelošs rožu krūms [J.Lūsēns music, N.Beļskis poetry] – 2004, Platforma Records
  • Domus mea – 2004, pub.Riga Dome Boys’ Choir
  • Putnu opera DVD (The Birds’ opera DVD) 2006, pub.LNO, Studija Lokomotīve
  • Mazu brīdi pirms… (A little while before …) [a song cycle with the lyrics of Latvian poets]   2010, pub.ARS NOVA
  • Agrā rūsa (Early rust) [songs from the musical “Early rust”], 2010, pub.ARS NOVA
  • Pacel acis (Look up), 2011, pub.ARS NOVA
  • PUS ES [songs from concert performance PUS ES with O.Vācietis lyrics], 2013, pub.ARS NOVA
  • Kur ko likt? (Where to put) [songs for children with O.Vācietis lyrics], 2013, pub. Children’s vocal ensemble Kolibri
  • Manas mājas zvēru dārzs (My home animal garden) CD+book [songs for children with I.Zanderes lyrics], 2014, pub. Ulu-Mulu
  • Lai ir (Let it be) [children’s songs], children’s vocal ensemble Kolibri, 2015, pub.Ulu-Mulu
  • Dāvana (Gift) [music association, Promenade], 2015, pub.Entertainment Producer Group 7
  • Kad mīlestība dzimst (When the love is born) [Christmas program], 2015, pub.Entertainment Producer Group 7
  • Romantika (Romance) [songs], 2016, pub.Entertainment Producer Group 7
  • Kā man tevi sasildīt (How do I warm you up) [Christmas program], 2016, pub.Entertainment Producer Group 7
  • AIZ … mūzika vēlā vakarā (AIZ … late night music) [Instrumental Music], 2017, pub.Jānis Lūsēns
  • Manā varā (In my power) [New cycle of songs], 2018, Ineta Rudzīte
  • Jānis Lūsēns. Dziesmas – [The most popular songs of JL], 2019, pub.Entertainment Producer Group 7


  • Karuselis – (Carousel) 10 most beautiful songs by J.Lūsēns for children with P.Bruvers’ lyric, Riga:pub.Musica Baltica, 1998
  • Rīgas Rotaļas – (Riga Games) I.Zandere lyric, J.Lūsens music [book + CD], Riga:pub.Musica Baltica, 2004
  • Latviešu kora mūzika – (Latvian choir music) J.Lusēns songs for mixed choir, Riga:pub.Musica Baltica, 2006
  • Koncertcikla “Mazu brīdi pirms…” nošu burtnīca (concert cycle “A little while before…” sheet of music [songs by V.Plūdonis and K.Skalbe poetry], Riga:pub.ARS NOVA, 2009
  • Koncertcikla “Zelta sirds” nošu burtnīca (concert cycle “Golden Heart” sheet of music [songs with K.Skalbe poetry], Riga:pub.ARS NOVA, 2010
  • Koncertcikla “Tas vārds” nošu burtnīca (concert cycle “That Name” sheet of music [lyrics by Aspazija], Riga:pub.ARS NOVA, 2010
  • Manas mājas zvēru dārzs (My home animal garden) CD+book [songs for children with I.Zandere lyrics], 2014, pub. Ulu-Mulu